About Transport

Our diverse fleet includes the following:

  • Well deck / lowbed trailers
  • Step deck and super decks
  • Hydraulic gooseneck trailers

We offer a modern, professional and comprehensive range of transport services to ensure that your loads will be delivered safely and timeously. Some of our mechanical horses are equipped with cranes for ease of loading in remote areas, thus reducing additional cost of hiring cranes. Our vehicles are fitted with live GPS to enable instant tracking countrywide.

Our fleet of crane trucks are self-contained rigging units all equipped with hydraulic cranes, each is equipped with all the necessary equipment from mechanical jacks, rigging dollies to heavy duty slings. Their compact design allows for work in restricted space with very low roof height. Each crane truck has a deck for onsite movement while providing the flexibility required when the crane is operating. Our larger end crane trucks are able to lift up to 25t.

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